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Our goal is to instill predictability in revenue for out-of-network providers, transforming uncertainties into steady, foreseeable outcomes. This mission is rooted in optimizing the out-of-network Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) process and fundamentally altering its landscape through advanced technology, streamlined processes, and enhanced efficiencies.

Expert Management for Out-of-Network Providers

At HaloMD, we understand the unique challenges faced by out-of-network providers in today’s complex healthcare landscape. That is why we have combined unrivaled expertise in out-of-network revenue cycle management, in-depth knowledge of state and federal No Surprises Act and balance billing laws regulations, and high proficiency in Independent Dispute Resolution. Our dedicated efforts are aimed at securing prompt and binding payments that appropriately recognize the value of the services you provide.

Prompt and Binding Payment

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Protection for Patients

No Surprises Act

Compliance and

Educational Advocacy

HaloMD’s Expertise in No Surprises Act and IDR

Compliance and Strategy:

HaloMD ensures billing practices are both compliant and strategically aligned with the No Surprises Act and balance billing laws, offering specialized insights and tailored reimbursement optimization for each medical specialty.

Emphasizing Detailed Documentation:

Critical to IDR success, our team focuses on meticulous documentation of procedures, diagnoses, and patient interactions, preparing providers for effective dispute resolution.

Advanced Technology Utilization:

We employ cutting-edge technology and data analytics, streamlining claim tracking, trend analysis, and IDR case preparation for enhanced billing management.

Educational Advocacy:

Empowering clients with knowledge about their rights and responsibilities under the No Surprises Act and balance billing laws, HaloMD fosters transparency and understanding in healthcare for both providers and patients.

Insights from Real-World Cases:

Continuously updating strategies based on evolving healthcare billing scenarios and legal landscapes, HaloMD shares these vital insights for adaptable and informed client strategies.

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