Bringing Deep Expertise in Revenue Recovery

Creating Sustainability for
Out-of-Network Providers

Specializing in Independent Dispute Resolution

At HaloMD, we understand the unique challenges faced by

out-of-network providers in today’s complex healthcare landscape

That is why we have combined unrivaled expertise

in out-of-network revenue cycle management, in-depth knowledge of state and federal No Surprises Act regulations and high proficiency in Independent Dispute Resolution to help secure prompt and binding payments that appropriately recognize the value of the services you provide.

Prompt and Binding Payment

Binding payment is final and can not be disputed by payor. The payment terms agreed upon by the provider and payer are legally enforceable and binding, with consequences for non-compliance. This ensures that the payer is held accountable for making payment according to the agreed-upon terms, and provides a mechanism for resolving disputes in cases where payment is delayed or not made.

Quick Turn-Around

Significantly reducing the number of days in accounts receivable (AR) for healthcare providers. In the past, it was not uncommon for healthcare providers to wait up to three years to receive payment for services rendered, which could create significant financial challenges and uncertainty. With HaloMD, we are able to shrink AR from three years to less than four months.

Protection for Patients

Building stronger trust with patients, as they receive No Balance Billing and are not involved in Arbitration process. This process also ensures that patients have access to the care they need, even if that care is provided by an out-of-network provider.

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