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an innovative, reliable and trusted expert in healthcare revenue cycle and independent dispute resolution services, leading the way in optimizing revenue recovery for out-of-network healthcare providers.


to empower out-of-network healthcare providers with the expertise, resources, and support they need to navigate the complex healthcare reimbursement system, achieve prompt and binding payment for their services and improve their financial sustainability.


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Alla LaRoque

Alla's Bio

Alla LaRoque is a highly accomplished healthcare executive and the President of HaloMD, a leading organization in out-of-network revenue cycle management, revenue recovery and independent dispute resolution for healthcare providers. With over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry, Alla has distinguished herself as a thought leader in payor relations, independent dispute resolution, arbitration, and the No Surprises Act.

Alla’s journey in the healthcare sector began with her gaining extensive knowledge in practice and out-of-network revenue cycle management. Her expertise in navigating the complex landscape of out-of-network billing and reimbursement has been instrumental in optimizing financial performance and driving sustainability for numerous healthcare organizations.

Throughout her career, Alla has developed strong relationships and has been a key player in fostering collaborations that benefit all parties. As an advocate for fair and reasonable reimbursement, she has dedicated herself to bridging the gap between payors and providers, ensuring efficient and mutually beneficial negotiations.

As a champion of healthcare providers, Alla has been at the forefront of the No Surprises Act implementation. Her in-depth understanding of the law has allowed her to guide providers in navigating the complexities of the Act.

Under Alla’s visionary leadership, HaloMD has grown exponentially, offering solutions that empower healthcare organizations to optimize their out-of-network revenue. Her expertise, dedication, and passion for improving the healthcare experience have made Alla LaRoque an invaluable asset in the industry.

Connect with Alla on LinkedIn to stay up to date with her insights and the latest developments in out-of-network revenue cycle management, payor relations, and the No Surprises Act.

Chief Operating Officer

Megan Rausch

Megan's Bio

Megan Rausch is an accomplished healthcare professional and serves as the Chief Operating Officer at HaloMD. As COO, Megan is responsible for directing day-to-day operations and implementing scalable, legally binding processes that ensure out-of-network providers receive just and reasonable reimbursements.

Megan’s career in healthcare began at The South Texas Spine & Surgical Hospital in San Antonio, where she gained invaluable experience in data analytics, patient accounts, and medical records management. This foundation laid the groundwork for her passion for promoting fair reimbursement practices and fostering collaborative relationships between payors and providers.

Before joining HaloMD, Megan excelled as the Director of Hospital Central Service Organization at United Surgical Partners International in Addison. In this role, she managed the revenue cycle for 10 surgical hospitals, successfully overseeing a 45-person team and ensuring the financial stability and growth of these institutions.

With her comprehensive understanding of revenue cycle management and her ability to streamline operations, Megan plays a vital role in the success of HaloMD. Her innovative approach to problem-solving and commitment to transparency make her an indispensable leader in the company’s mission to support healthcare organizations in optimizing their out-of-network revenue.

Connect with Megan on LinkedIn to stay informed about her insights and the latest advancements in out-of-network revenue cycle management.

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